Ruth Lemon Consulting

Ruth Lemon Consulting is owned and run by Ruth Lemon, of course. Ruth has been working in digital marketing since 2016 and is a certified Google Ads Partner


Ruth Lemon Consulting is a digital marketing agency, specialising in Google Ads. We provide PPC services, social media services, SEO services and digital marketing consulting.


Ruth Lemon Consulting is based in Devon but provides services to businesses around the world. That’s the beauty of digital marketing! Thanks to technology, wherever possible we try not to travel to meetings to minimise our carbon footprint.


Ruth Lemon Consulting is committed to working with environmentally friendly businesses and delivering the best quality digital marketing services, without the price tag (and corporate emissions).

Meet Ruth

Born and bred in Devon, Ruth has grown up in the countryside, surrounded by nature. This was a big inspiration behind the establishment of Ruth Lemon Consulting and our commitment to working eco-friendly and ethical companies.

Ruth fell into digital marketing by accident in 2016 and never looked back. At the time, she was living in Cambodia where she taught English and ran a small education focused charity.

A passion for writing drew Ruth towards Google Ads and social media content where she could get creative with words and drive valuable traffic to her customers.

Ruth works as a freelance digital marketing specialist for other digital marketing agencies and individual businesses around the world.

Ruth Lemon Consulting
Devon tree field

Our Inspiration

We’re committed to protecting and preserving the planet. That’s why we made Our Tree Promise. 

For every ongoing client who signs up with Ruth Lemon Consulting, we’ll plant a tree.

It’s our way of giving back to the planet and environment which has given so much, as well as reinforcing our commitment to minimising our impact and reducing our carbon footprint.

We’re inspired by the increasing action in the face of a climate crisis and hope to make our own small difference through our tree planting, as well as helping like-minded companies thrive.