Ruth Lemon Consulting is a green business! At least, we try to be. 

We believe everyone needs to minimise their impact on the environment. But business owners need to lead the way. 

True, small businesses like ours being eco-conscious won’t have as big an impact as, say, giant oil companies changing tact and investing in renewables not drilling for more fossil fuels, but we’re doing our bit. 

Here’s how Ruth Lemon Consulting is trying to be a green business:

Planting Trees

For every client who uses our services for 3 months or more, we’ll plant a tree to say thank you. It’s our ‘tree promise’. You can find out more about it here.

Green Power

Ruth Lemon Consulting runs out of a house which is powered as much as possible by solar panels. And the power wall allows much of our evening (or rainy day) work to be powered by renewable energy too.

Solar panels are a great and viable way for homes and small businesses to move away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy sources.

solar powered business
Dynamic Servers

Green Website

It’s not only our business which runs on eco energy, this website does too! Most people don’t think too much about what keeps their website online but in fact websites are energy intense. 

That’s why we use a host server which is provided 100% renewable energy. Based in the UK, Dynamic Servers


Thanks to our work in the digital arena, our travel is minimal. But when we do have to travel, we think about how we get to where we are. If possible, we’ll use public transport. 

Alternatively, when the sun is shining (or at least when it’s not too wet), we’ll cycle! Don’t worry, we bring a spare change of clothes!

Eco travel
Eco business

The Admin

Everything adds up, right? That’s why we think about every element of our business carbon footprint. 

We use a local accountant who is environmentally minded. 

We get our business cards printed by an eco-friendly print supplier and on 100% recycled card.

We don’t print anything and we get as many bank statements and receipts as possible emailed rather than posted

Interested in making your business more eco friendly?

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