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Happy Earth Day. Yep, just like International Women’s Day, our calendar has one solitary day dedicated to celebrating and protecting the planet we live on. Now, that may be a little cynical but at the end of the day, I’ve seen far more posts about environmental business initiatives on my LinkedIn today than I usually would but I know they’ll disappear down by feed and won’t be replaced tomorrow. Today is a fleeting spotlight on an issue which is, to me, the most prevalent and scary threat to our future. 

At Ruth Lemon Consulting, we believe every day should be Earth Day. And we try to live our lives as if that is the case. As an agency set up to provide marketing services and digital support for eco-friendly and ethical businesses, most of our day to day decisions are made with our planet in mind. We think that’s how it should be for all businesses, always.

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Being Eco During Lockdown

Let’s be honest, it’s become much easier to be eco recently. There is no way to downplay the severity of covid-19 and the long-term impact that this pandemic will have on our societies around the world. However, the current lockdown could be, inadvertently, a measure which highlights the importance of Earth Day. Working from home is very green and is a setup many people who are conscious of their carbon footprint have been wanting to adopt for years. Now, we’re all doing it! And realising it works.

Yes, you’ll probably have a slightly higher personal electricity bill as a result of the lockdown but commutes have disappeared. So has, to a large extent, driving full stop. Perhaps you can justify a run into town to do your socially distanced shopping and pick up a prescription once a week. But for most of us, our world has shrunk to our homes and however far you can walk or cycle in 30 minutes before turning around and heading back. With this reduction of movement, our need for resources (specifically fossil fuels) has evaporated. The cost of oil dipping into the negative in recent days is testament to how little we’re currently using. This is fantastic news for our planet, as are the images of the clean air above typically polluted cities.

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What Will Be Covid-19’s Environmental Legacy?

These are silver linings in a dark world. The environmental improvements are consequences which come from a pandemic which is devastating the world, causing death and loss to millions of global citizens. I in no way consider Covid-19 a positive event, but it is undeniable that being forced to change our ways may, in the long term, have a positive impact on our way of life and our economies. Will we return to normal after this? I think and hope not.

Ruth Lemon Consulting was created to provide services for eco friendly and ethical businesses. I’m not going to stop doing that throughout lockdown, even though many of the players in this space are small start-ups for which Covid-19 came at the worst time. For me, it’s about investing my time and skill into projects which I believe are best for our planet. I’m never going to stop doing that. I believe every day should be Earth Day and I make decisions in my personal and professional life as if it is. Happy Earth Day everyone!

If you want further reading, I enjoyed this article by The Guardian

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