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Small businesses are often reluctant to invest in marketing. We understand. When you’re a startup, particularly within the first twelve months, it can be difficult to justify handing over large sums of money in the hope that they’ll lead to, well, leads.

But Google Ads is different because, a) it’s affordable for everyone, and b) you can effectively and accurately track the true cost (and therefore value) of your marketing efforts. If you’re focusing on your Return On Investment figure, Google Ads may be the perfect advertising platform for you.

Start small

Few businesses launch into Google Ads and pour tens of thousands to advertising in the first month. Begin by dipping your toe in the water. How does £5 per day sound? That’s only £150 per month. Surely you can afford that.

Small campaigns with small budgets are useful for getting the lay of the land. Feeling out interest, understanding the audience. We can use this initial data to develop our keyword list and hone our ad copy. Once we’ve got all of this optimised, perhaps it’s time to add a little to the budget. £10 per day? Don’t worry, that’s only £300 per month and that still falls within our £125 management package.

Management costs

Ok, let’s talk about that management fee. We believe in complete transparency when it comes to our services, which is why we offer regular reporting and you’ll also have full access to your Google Ads account. It’s your account, after all. And we’re always on hand to answer your questions. Just give us a ring or drop us an email.

Our management fee is based on ad spend. The more you spend, the more work we’ll be doing on your account to effectively manage your money. It’s that simple. But the basic management across all accounts remains the same. Our management service for all client includes:

  • Daily account checks – that’s right, we’ll log in every single week day and make sure everything is running smoothly within your account. If there’s an issue, such as a billing problem or a broken URL, we’ll be on it instantly.
  • Bid management – we increase and decrease your keyword bids as required, to ensure your account is competitively bidding on the keywords which are garnering the most valuable traffic for you.
  • Keyword research – with regular reviewing, your keyword list will organically expand and contract until we’re focusing on a group of awesome keywords delivering exactly the traffic you want to your website.
  • Negative keyword research – if any of your broader keywords are throwing up your ad in irrelevant searches, we’ll quickly identify the words which are triggering this and set them as negatives. This minimises wasteful clicks and saves you money.
  • Ad development – each week we’ll review the ads we’ve created already and see which ones generated the most clicks and conversions. Then we use this knowledge to craft new ads and pause underperforming ones. We’re perfectionists so we don’t stop until we’ve got a fantastic little collection of awesome ads.

And we’ll do all of this for just £125 per month. That’s less than £5 per day. Plus, you’ll get a monthly report, packed full of data and advice which you can review to help you understand your advertising and inform future business decisions.

No business is too small to advertise

We’re not going to say “you’ve got to save money to make money” because that’s a cliche and we hate cliches. But, as every small business owner knows, you’ve got to grab the bull by the horns sometimes. Take that leap of faith into Google Ads, even if your budget is only modest. It’s a risk you can’t afford not to take and we’re confident you’ll be reaping the rewards very soon.

But, if you’re not, that’s fine too. We don’t have lock in contracts so if you decide after a month or three (we don’t recommend you give up too soon as it does take some time for a Google account to ‘mature’ and for the keywords, ads and other elements to be perfected) that Google Ads just aren’t working for you, that’s not a problem. Just let us know and we’ll pause them.

You don’t know until you try, right? And we’d love to be your Google Ads expert, testing the waters along with you (although we’re a little more seasoned of course). No matter how large or small your advertising budget, a foray into the world of Google Ads is something none of our clients have ever regretted.

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