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Digital Marketing


From £25 per hour

Search Engine


Ad Spend from £5 per day



From £30 per blog

Social Media


Account setup from £20

Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital marketing is a minefield. It’s big and confusing and it’s full of people promising you the world. 

We won’t promise you the world. But we will promise you honesty. A conversation with someone who knows every aspect of the digital marketing industry can help you identify key areas where we think you should focus your time. 

You don’t need to jump in headfirst and do everything from day one. Spending time and effort building up your presence online and choosing the right digital channels to grow your audience, both organically and paid, is a good place to start.

Our digital marketing consulting services are designed to provide you with customised advice. We’ll take the time to get to know you, your business, your business aims and then provide you with our recommendations, our reasonings and how we advise you begin. 

If required, we can also put you in touch with some experts in the industry who can provide further insights for different elements of digital marketing.

Ruth Lemon Consulting Marketing
Google Ads Marketing

Google Ads

Ruth Lemon Consulting is a certified Google Ads specialist. We create Google Ads for businesses of all sizes across all industries. 

Google Ads are a powerful way to get your products and services directly in front of your key audience.

We can get your ads in front of people for just a few pence, well, depending on your industry! We can run ads from as little as £5 per day, right up to accounts spending £10,000 per month. Whatever your budget, we’ll build a campaign which ensures you see a great return on investment.

Our setup and management fees are all inclusive so we’ll never charge you extra if you need additional services or content added.

All Google Ads packages, starting from just £125 per month, come with comprehensive reporting and conversion tracking.

And finally, you own your Google Ad account. You’ll always have full administrative rights to the account – because it’s yours!

Blog Writing

Ruth Lemon has a Masters by Research. That basically means she knows how to conduct in depth research on any topic. That includes any industry!

Whatever your industry, we can craft unique, SEO-focused content which speaks to your audience. 

Blogs are important for businesses. They allow you to tell your audience more about your ethos and your products or services. They are also very good for SEO and improve your website rankings on Google as well as the range of keywords you can rank for.

Give us a title or a topic and we’ll create a blog. It really is that simple. 

All our blogs are 100% original and fact checked so you can be confident in the content you’re publishing to your website, Medium page or LinkedIn profile. Blogs come with SEO recommendations and a cover image. We can even publish it for you if you require. 

Buy a one-off blog or a pack of 4 at a discounted rated.

Blog Writing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Services

Need a new Facebook page for your business? What about a Twitter account? A Company LinkedIn Page? Or an Instagram account?

We can set up and manage social media profiles for your business. 

From branding your account to creating customised content, designed with your audience in mind, Ruth Lemon Consulting is your social media partner who really gets your brand message and communicates it with your target audience. 

Of course, your social media profile is yours. We hand over complete control to you, including all logins and accesses, so you have all the rights to your pages. We can add team members too and even offer social media training courses to your team to help deliver a cohesive brand vision.

Need Facebook or Instagram Ads? We work with a specialist who is an expert in this area to deliver the best results.